Immerse yourself in the feelings and findings of great men and women in history.


Take a peek into the everyday life of Charles V; investigate the brainteasers of Albert Einstein; learn from the work of René Magritte; discover the friendships of Hergé or the passion of Jacques Brel. Exceptional in sheer size and quality, the collection of the Museum of Letters and Manuscripts offers all this and more. Revealing the testimonies of the men and women who influenced the arts, history, music, literature and the sciences, the Museum highlights the soulful and poignant letters that have shaped the past.

The Museum’s exhibitions, guided tours, and lectures, will take all ages, families, and school groups on a journey into the everyday lives of some of the most famous people of all times.

Creative workshops are organised specially for our smallest visitors. Kids are invited to ink hieroglyphics on papyrus, to write with a quill pen, or to construct a hot air balloon.

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