The Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert are home to two theatres: the Vaudeville theatre  and the Théâtre des Galeries.

The Vaudeville Theatre is the older of the two. It is mainly used as a venue for events these days, but used to be a covered flower market before it was converted into a Casino. It then became a real theatre, known as the “Spectacle-concert des Bouffes Bruxellois”. It was renovated in 1884 and played host to great actors including Juliette Greco, Félix Leclerq, Bourvil, Francis Blanche, Raymond Devos and Fernand Raynaud.

théâtre des galeries

With its intense desire to entertain audiences, the Théâtre des Galeries is one of Brussels’ trendiest theatres. Every year, its programme is packed with both contemporary and classic pieces, where particular care is paid to the staging and updating of the plays. And of course, there is the unmissable Revue, which draws in loyal crowds every New Year!