Cinéma Galeries

Cinéma Galeries

The Cinéma Galeries is one of the most beautiful cinemas in Brussels with a varied programme, from the latest box-office releases to arthouse cinema…

Arthouse cinema and more in Brussels

Arthouse cinema is alive and well at the Cinéma Galeries, in the Queen’s Gallery in Brussels. This dynamic cinema offers a very targeted programme, exploring visual culture in all its forms – cinema, animation, visual arts and web culture –, and takes spectators off the beaten track…

All these creative fields are approached in a cross-disciplinary manner. The programme is highly diverse and robust. With arthouse cinema at its core, the programme is organised into four different clusters over the course of a year.

The Cinéma Galeries also caters to children, with a dedicated programme and many activities for children. Film screenings tailored to school children are also offered as part of film matinees. The cinema organizes workshops dedicated to a film’s theme or director.

As for events, exhibitions, festivals, themed evenings, premieres and retrospectives punctuate the life of the cinema throughout the year.

Cinéma Galeries, a place unlike any other

Picture the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert as a backdrop… A prestigious setting for this arthouse cinema in Brussels! The 19th century façade, the doors reproduced to match the original model, the Romanesque and Mediterranean decor, and the style halfway between Art Deco and Modernism, all contribute to the atmosphere of this very special place.

With its two large cinema rooms, its private 1000 m² showroom and its bar area, the Cinema Galeries welcomes you in a pleasant setting. In the basement, surprising underground spaces are available and dedicated to exhibitions or private events…

A place to relax unlike any other!

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