Bookstore Tropismes

Bookstore Tropismes

The Tropismes bookshop is a general French bookshop located in the heart of Brussels, in a place steeped in history. Discover a large selection of books, mainly focused around literature, the humanities, fine arts and children’s book.

The Tropismes bookshop: an invitation to discovery

Committed to its independence and its research mission, the Tropismes bookshop is forever going further in its vocation to serve readers and its curiosity about books…

This shop offers a beautiful selection of books, for all tastes and all ages, with a vast choice of titles, from the great classics to specific works, from the literary season’s essentials to the gems of small publishers…

Are you struggling to choose? Discover current suggestions, browse reviews and comments left on some books or ask for advice! The staff are friendly and professional.

The Tropismes bookshop in Brussels offers a full range of events for enthusiasts: meet-and-greets with authors, exhibitions, book signings, study days…

Tropismes, a legendary bookshop in the centre of Brussels

This Brussels bookshop boasts an ideal location, right in the city centre. Established in the Galeries Saint-Hubert since 1984, the Tropismes bookshop is based in a quite simply magnificent place.

The sublime setting of the Princes’ Gallery, the impressive mezzanine, the mirror walls, the stucco ceilings, the golden columns, the giant neon sign… The Tropismes bookshop is steeped in a special atmosphere. Book shelves and display tables fit in perfectly in this magnificent place.

Sneak between the shelves in search of your next read, sit in the garden to browse a book or find a seat and have a coffee to browse a book… In this extraordinary place, time stands still!

The selection extends over three floors, with a dedicated area for each theme: on the ground floor, literature, as well as pocket books and thrillers; on the first floor, children’s books and comic books; and in the basement, specific works on the humanities, history, cooking, travel and leisure, philosophy, art, music and cinema…

The Tropismes bookshop in Brussels invites you on a literary journey!

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