Akaso is a Belgian brand of ethical and sustainable clothing. In collaboration with Ethiopian artists, it offers leather clothing and bags, knit and cotton sweaters, and high-quality T-shirts. This makes for an authentic and amazing collection that gives a new dimension to African creative talent.

Apparel: a Belgian brand of ethical clothing

Akaso is a new Belgian brand of apparel and accessories. Eager to showcase African creative talent, this boutique has brought together six Ethiopian artists and two Belgian designers (Sandrina Fasoli and Michael Marson). The creator of the brand, Philippe Vertriest, is the father of two daughters originally from Ethiopia.

He was inspired by body painting and scarifications specific to the Kara tribe to design an amazing collection of sweaters and tops, co-created with them. Each Akaso piece is made from natural, environmentally-friendly, extremely soft materials. Each collaboration is a chapter built on trust, with a long-term and sustainable vision.

Intuition as the common thread of this brand of women’s clothing and accessories

Akaso opened its very first boutique in the heart of the elegant King’s Gallery. The Belgian apparel brand offers high-quality, ethical and sustainable women’s clothing.

The Akaso style is characterized by refined cuts and natural materials, with timeless colours such as ivory, charcoal, blue, black, and nude. The brand offers an astonishing collection of ethical clothes, knit and cotton sweaters, and extremely soft tops.

Akaso also has a collection of leather handbags, inspired by the scarifications of the Kara tribe. Made of Italian leather, these bags are sold exclusively in their Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert shop.

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