Aksum Coffee House

Aksum Coffee House

In this temple of coffee, certified-organic coffee comes straight from Ethiopia, the beans are hand-roasted and the baristas are passionate. Aksum Coffee House is undoubtedly the ideal place to drink quality coffee in Brussels…

The secrets of quality coffee

In the kingdom of Aksum, the Ethiopian coffee specialist, you will find coffees harvested directly at the source… in Ethiopia! By adapting to the altitude, these coffee plants have undergone a miraculous transformation that gives the coffee a delicious character. Vinod Gautam, founder of Aksum Coffe House, meticulously selects our beans from certified-organic farms. In order to preserve a unique flavour, our coffee beans are subject to very strict quality controls. The colour, weight and “look” of the beans are analysed in order to obtain the best characteristics of excellent Ethiopian coffee for all the different aromas.

Aksum Coffee House, a great place to drink coffee in Brussels

A coffee by yourself to start the day or a coffee to share? In the atmosphere of the King’s Gallery, you will get a sense of the art of drinking coffee in Brussels

Strong espresso, caffè latte or iced coffee? Here, enjoy a coffee with a unique taste! Single-origin beans, incomparable freshness, artisanal roasting at the back of the shop, quality grinders and a quality espresso machine, baristas trained to prepare a coffee with unique aromas… all the ingredients of a real good coffee!

Or perhaps you will be tempted by other exotic liquids: a baobab drink, Senegalese herbal tea, a Côte d’Ivoire soft drink, South African wine or Ethiopian beer – fair trade drinks straight from Africa…

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