Christian Lanckvrind jewellery shop

Christian Lanckvrind jewellery shop

Situated at the heart of the Queen’s Gallery, in the heart of Brussels, the Christian Lanckvrind jewellery shop is specialised in buying and selling antique and second-hand jewellery.

Buying antique jewellery in Brussels: when magic happens…

Art Deco rings, Art Nouveau pendants, Tank bracelets, second-hand jewellery signed by the greatest jewellers… Each piece of jewellery has its own history. To buy an antique jewel is also to discover a bit of its history and let the magic happen.

For more than 40 years, the Christian Lanckvrind jewellery shop has offered exceptional pieces that dazzle all lovers of beauty. All antique or second-hand jewels for sale have been fully appraised, polished and cleaned.

Jewellery advice and expertise

Would you like to get a jewel appraised? The Christian Lanckvrind jewellery shop has over 40 years of experience in jewellery, and offers you its expertise.

Christian Lanckvrind and his team can appraise your old jewels, looking at their era, number of carats, gemstone purity, the type of metal used, etc. Get the advice of a jewellery expert!

Selling antique jewellery in confidence

Mum’s engagement ring, grandparents’ wedding ring, a pendant, a gold bracelet, a diamond-set ring, antique earrings… Would you like to sell antique jewellery in Brussels? The Christian Lanckvrind jewellery shop, specialized in antique and second-hand jewellery, gives your jewellery a new life. The jewellery shop can either buy your jewellery directly or act as an intermediary for a second-hand sale.

The Christian Lanckvrind jewellery shop guarantees the confidentiality you expect to sell antique or second-hand jewellery in confidence.

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