Les Ecuadors

Les Ecuadors

Les Ecuadors, artisan perfumer and jeweller for over 30 years in Brussels, offers a careful selection of high-end perfumes and novelty jewellery.

Les Ecuadors, a nice discovery in the heart of Brussels

Just a stone’s throw away from the Grand-Place in Brussels, two lovely Les Ecuadors boutiques are nestled in the luxurious Galerie Royales – one at 32 Galerie de la Reine, and the other at 10 Galerie du Roi. In this prestigious setting with a baroque spirit, you will find a wide selection of high-end novelty jewellery and perfumes by Les Ecuadors, as well as a selection of colourful contemporary art objects. A great discovery that appeals to both well-informed Brussels locals and tourists passing through!

A nice selection of high-end novelty jewellery

Les Ecuadors is first and foremost about two brothers, Marino and Demetrio Fato, both passionate about novelty jewellery. The mythical name, Les Ecuadors, refers to a caravel which, in the 15th century, roamed the oceans in search of new treasures…

The Ecuadors offer beautiful creations that stand out for their originality: high-end novelty jewellery. The Les Ecuadors jewellery collection is completed with a selection of jewellery from major brands: Les Gens du Sud, Clio Blue, Gas, Poggi, Yves Bertelin, Albanu, Welder.

The audacity of Les Ecuadors perfume

With the help of their uncle Djorda, who has been navigating the world of perfume for 30 years, the two brothers created a line of Les Ecuadors perfumes to complete their collection. Discover their eaux de parfum and eaux de toilette, for men and women.

The audacious Patchouli, the voluptuous Amber, the subtle Turquoise, the Mure Mure, the Patchouli Ancien, the Musc, the Figue de toi, the Rose oud, the Patchoulissimo … All unexpected and entrancing scents, fragrances that awaken the senses! Up to you to find the Les Ecuadors fragrance that matches your personality! Let the magic happen…

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