Neuhaus workshop

Neuhaus workshop

A workshop 100% dedicated to chocolate… Sweet tooths could only dream of it, Neuhaus made it happen! Chocolate mousses, hot chocolates, pralines… Discover the full range of chocolate treats made on site by a Master Chocolatier. Want to join? Take chocolate classes in Brussels! Neuhaus offers a workshop to discover the secrets of chocolate making!

Neuhaus, Belgian master chocolatier

Master Chocolatier Neuhaus invites you to discover its range of chocolate mousses, hot chocolates and pralines. Made on site and before your very eyes, this assortment of chocolate treats awakens the senses, and will delight young and grown-up sweet tooths alike!

Many different flavours and aromas await you in the counter of this Brussels chocolate workshop… Give in to the temptation of a chocolate mousse! Milk chocolate, white chocolate or dark chocolate: take your pick from the range of light and creamy mousses. For even more of a treat, add an optional hazelnut, raspberry or chocolate wafer…

With this assortment of chocolate pleasures, taste the authenticity of 100% Belgian chocolate! A real treat for your taste buds!

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Every day, our Master Chocolatiers share their passion with you and offer chocolate classes. Want to join a chocolate workshop in Brussels? Discover famous gourmet brand Neuhaus’s secrets to making pralines! A one-of-a kind moment to experience by yourself or with friends or family, to get a close taste of the Belgian chocolate culture…

Live a beautiful experience in the world of Neuhaus chocolate!

Chocolate workshop – Useful information:

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Group of up to 8 people
  • 7 days a week, 11am to 5pm
  • Price: €35 per person

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