Maria Chapel

Maria Chapel

The first floor of 43 rue des Bouchers, a place of design and creativity, is definitely a world that revolves around art, space planning and the creation of objects. Come and discover this artist’s studio in Brussels…

A studio in the heart of Brussels

In their artist’s studio in Brussels, in the Rue des Bouchers, painter Catherine Maria Chapel and interior architect Charlotte Speeckaert work alone and in collaboration on projects combining their respective talents.

Charlotte Speeckaert, an interior architecture graduate passionate about drawing, specialises in interior design and space planning. She now has her own decoration brand. Discover her world on the website

The painter Catherine Maria Chapel, trained in watercolour from a very young age, has developed a strong taste for imaginary landscapes. Her world reveals vaporous landscapes inspired by the Finistère region, where she is from. Catherine Maria Chapel also draws her inspiration from the beauty of nature. Flowers, insects, animals and the sky are thus recurring themes in the famous watercolorist’s work.

In the artist’s studio in Brussels, these two worlds rub shoulders and mingle. They collaborate on an ad hoc basis, designing storefronts for example.

Watercolour lessons in Brussels

Catherine Maria Chapel has chosen to share her world of dreams, beauty and poetry. Through her works, of course, but also through teaching.

The artist offers watercolour classes in Brussels. She teaches classical and contemporary watercolour techniques in her studio.

The painter organizes weekend workshops to discover watercolour techniques.

Want to take watercolour classes in Brussels? Get in touch with watercolorist Catherine Maria Chapel!

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