Marcolini 21

Marcolini 21

Pierre Marcolini, a renowned luxury chocolate maker… This true artisan chocolatier stands out for the originality and design of his creations, as much as their subtle aromas. Be sure not to miss it, in the heart of Brussels in the Queen’s Gallery!

Pierre Marcolini, an unconventional chocolatier

Minimalist and elegant design, novel flavours, a luxurious case… “Haute chocolaterie”, like haute couture, is distinguished, because exceptional.

Chocolatier Pierre Marcolini boasts a unique manufacturing method that enhances the aroma of the chocolate, tells its story and guarantees its traceability. He himself travels the world to select cocoa beans directly from producers in Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Madagascar, the Caribbean… These exceptional cocoa beans are then roasted, crushed and ground in his Brussels workshop. This unique know-how has earned Pierre Marcolini a reputation that extends far beyond Belgium!

Elegant, aesthetic, refined, each chocolate is a true work of art…

The Marcolini collections in his shop in Brussels, in the Queen’s Gallery

The Marcolini shop in Brussels appeals to Brussels locals and tourists alike, both with the presentation of its chocolates and with their quality… Marcolini chocolate is an exceptional product that will delight your taste buds and enthral the finest palates. This expert work involves research around the design, texture and flavour of the chocolates. Find the collections in store!

Pierre Marcolini has also elaborated macaroons with subtle flavours, innovative éclairs, financiers and fondants with unique flavours… Don’t wait any longer, go and have a taste!

The Belgian chocolate maker also offers seasonal collections, with a range of hot chocolates in winter, and an assortment of sorbets, choc-ices and ice creams in summer.

Come and discover the Marcolini store in Brussels, in the Queen’s Gallery, around the corner from the Grand-Place… The decor is magnificent and the staff will make you feel most welcome.

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