Raidillon, watches with a Belgian design, solid Swiss clockwork and a range of leather accessories. The watch brand has its store in Brussels, in the Queen’s Gallery. Discover the collection of watches inspired by the world of motor racing!

Raidillon watches: Belgian design, Swiss clockwork

Founded in 2002, the watch shop Raidillon has quickly gained a coveted place in the world of sports watches. The Belgian brand specialises in the design, manufacturing and distribution of luxury watches and modern accessories…

A 100% Belgian design, robust Swiss clockwork and a minimalist strap reminiscent of car-driver gloves of the time make Raidillon watches essential accessories for the gentleman drivers of today and tomorrow.

Raidillon is attentive to detail and attaches particular importance to the choice of materials: stainless steel to guarantee the best protection of the clockwork, a high-quality leather bracelet, environmentally-friendly and antiallergic for a comfortable and pleasant feel. Raidillon watches are designed as limited series; each model only has 55 copies.

Discover the Raidillon shop in Brussels!

Step into the Raidillon world in Brussels, right in the city centre. In a simple and bright setting, the team will make you feel most welcome. The ideal place to share passion for watches.

Discover the range of unique self-winding watches. The Raidillon shop in Brussels also offers a line of accessories: key rings, bracelets, gloves, bags and luggage…

The name Raidillon refers to the mythical Spa-Francorchamps track bend, a light, steep bend, nowadays taken with one’s foot on the floor, at over 300 km/h. A challenge for adventurous men with refined minds!

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