Pistolet Original

Pistolet Original

Pistolet Original offers gourmet snacks made with pistolet bread rolls. This unusual sandwich shop right in the centre of Brussels gives pride of place to Belgian culinary products and traditions.

Pistolet Original, much more than a sandwich shop in Brussels

“Belgian taste”… The tone is set in this unusual sandwich shop in the centre of Brussels. Pistolet Original offers a wide range of hot and cold recipes “made in Belgium”, made with pistolet bread rolls.

Here, Belgian burgers are handmade and prepared on the spot. You place your order at a counter filled with savoury fillings and sweet treats. You then take a seat in the dining area on a high chair or at the terrace to enjoy it.

Pistolet Original works with fresh and local products for healthy and tasty food. Much more than a sandwich shop, Pistolet Original is a pleasant little restaurant, a delicatessen and a chic counter fitted with a contemporary interior. A typical Brussels restaurant, ideal for lunch on the go or to share a small meal in a friendly atmosphere.

Sandwich-delicatessen combo: Belgian flavours à la carte!

The taste of Belgium concentrated in a round roll, soft inside with a golden crust: that is what Pistolet Original has to offer. Enjoy the original concept surrounded by a red and white decor, both design and retro.

On the menu, there is a wide choice of pistolets stuffed with typically Belgian gourmet flavours, hot and cold recipes for all tastes and desires: the américan/cressonnette, cottage cheese/radish/onions, braised meatloaf/chicons, shrimp croquette, roasted chicken/curry/apples…

Other special suggestions add to the menu of this Brussels sandwich shop. These include a 100% Belgian hamburger, tomatoes with grey shrimps, a seasonal salad and a soup of the day. A selection of desserts, sweets and drinks “made in Belgium” complete the menu…

The pistols can be enjoyed on the spot or to take away. A sandwich delivery service in Brussels is also available.

Customised meals and spreads are available for your business lunches, meetings, professional and private events. Brunch on Sunday.

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